We are a Moruya based Crystal Supplier, Crystal Healer, Manufacturer, Card Reader and more.

Welcome to Crystal Utopia, I am the creator and owner of this wonderful shop. This is a very magical place where you will find many treasures, for yourself or gifts for loved ones. I have an amazing range of crystals, jewelry, essences, my very own magnificent natural handmade soaps and much more.

A little more about the wonderful services I have to offer;

  • I’m Crystal Healer, Angel Intuitive and Oracle/Spirit Card Reader
  • I make my very own Crystal Essences, Colloidal Silver and Wellbeing sprays
  • Natural handmade soaps
  • I also use Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • I have a beautiful diverse range of crystals, Silver, Crystal handmade Jewelry, healing wands, Pendulums, pendants and rings,
  • Natural incense made in Australia, singing bowels and loads more awaiting a forever home.
  • Tie Dye artist whose only limitation is my imagination or that of my customer’s when they place their special orders.

All garments are unique, while the colours can be replicated the designs/patterns can’t be replicated. Each garment is a wearable piece of artwork.

A special note “Crystal Essences are made to order only” To complement this range of essences I have available my very own handmade natural soap. To give my natural soap range an added extra magical twist, I have incorporated crystal essences and assorted essences to help revitalize your soul.
Creating this divine line of natural soaps and essences I had to follow this beautiful range with an addition of natural ointments and creams which also contain No chemicals.

My natural soaps are a vegetable glycerin base which contain NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Palm oil.

Thank you so much for stopping by Crystal Utopia if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Crystal Utopia, as I look forward to hearing from you and fulfilling your special orders.

Call today for an appointment for Crystal Healing or Card Reading: 0403 195 552